AlboPepper - Drought Proof Urban Gardening

AlboPepper is designed to help an urban gardener to understand the science behind plant growing. It's important to understand not just what to do, but also WHY to do it. This is not intended to be a superficial coverage of information. This isn't gardening for dummies. It's gardening for people who like to learn.

Expect to see experiments and tests. I like to do product reviews and unboxing videos from time to time. In particular, I love high density planting, container gardening and SIP sub-irrigated planters. I believe in sustainability but I also know that not everyone can adhere to the same method. So I like to use lots of methods and then to share the results!

FYI: I moderate my Channel and most comments need to be approved by me. So be patient and try to keep things on topic. Trolls are ignored and/or blocked. Please share your thoughts and questions, but be cool about it, mkay?

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