The Do It Yourself World

The Off Grid Project started out as a live in experiment about getting off the grid on a budget. Since then, back in 2012, it has evolved into a daily vlog of my life, sort of an off grid reality show.

I am currently building a tiny house on wheels deep in the forest and off the grid. I am about 3/4 mile from the nearest road and fully off the grid. Making my own solar power, rain water collection system, waste disposal, gardening, foraging and food storage.

The goal of this project is to show you that anyone can get off the grid on a budget.

Also Featuring The Do It Yourself World which is a collection of experiments in survival, foraging, off grid living, electronics and alternate energy.

Learn to make your own solar panels at home. How to convert a common table fan into a power generating wind turbine. How to restore lead acid batteries yourself. Learn new fire starting and survival skills, & more.

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