Vegitate Gardening

The Vegitate Channel, a guide on "how to" videos for the urban gardener with kids. We provide gardening ideas, gardening tips and anything horticulture. On Vegitate you will find more information on how to garden, composting, germination, harvesting, homesteading, planting and many other fun outdoor gardening related activities. We are looking for new and interesting ways to grow our vegetables. My life is consumed by my wife, kids, 3 dog , and my job as IT Technician. My next big love is my garden and nature. I am a 7th year gardener and excited to start this year off soon. I would call gardening more of an obsession than a hobby, once you grow your 1st real garden and it works your hooked for life. On Vegitate you will find lots of information about gardening, composting, greenhouses, germination, cooking vegetables, and a whole slew of other things that we think you will find interesting.