Laurel Sobol

Art and Literature by Laurel Marie Sobol
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Please join over 8 billion people globally in awareness and restoration of human rights healthy earth healthy inhabitants, because the alternative genocide just isn't working out, it is never going to be a good thing ever. Soli Deo Gloria forever

I offer over two thousand books, journals, and videos to enhance global education about living well and thriving, using the gifts God gave to his creations, to be kept, not destroyed, to be celebrated, not shoved under a rug...because God's light shines in all he makes and it is not up to men or women to destroy or pollute that which God put together, and it is not for these unethical people to destroy any or all of his creation. It is up to the global community, over eight billion people, to restore human rights, healthy earth, healthy inhabitants forever, to prevent any genocide of God's creation