Andrew K Fletcher

Hi and thank you for visiting my channel. I am a lateral thinker by nature with an engineering background. Being practical comes from my education in the West Midlands, where the focus was on using my brain and hands to make something work or something useful. In 1994 I decided to investigate how trees raise water to their leaves and nailed it by discovering they don't need to, all they have to do is circulate sap. See my videos on this subject and how this important discovery applies to human and animal circulation and how simply raising the head end of your bed by six inches can have a profound beneficial effect on your health and well-being. to view New Varicose Vein and Oedema Forum Study.
Very much an environmental engineer, tree hugger and tree planter, See my videos on how we can combat climate change.
See also my practical videos on saving money and making your home more efficient.