Starry Hilder

Welcome to our channel.
YES.... We sold everything and decided to leave Wisconsin for a new adventure in the Pacific Northwest! WHY? Well, we have always lived a out of the box unconventional lifestyle. I remember when our friends were rolling their eyes when we decided to dig our own drainage ditch when our septic failed, or when we started hauling water in 55 gallon barrels because our well went dry and it took my husband much time to REDIG it! Yup, many people never understood us. And many just kept saying "You cant do that, you cant do this, that' not right...!" Well negativity never stopped us.
Life is about prevailing. Staying positive and ignoring those who hold themselves down by their own poor attitude. Now we have a 100%self sufficient homestead completly off the grid and the naysayers, ahhh they don't say to much! So we are here to share what we know empower people and show them..its in the attitude people. Anything can be done if you put your mind to it!

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