Wayne Meador

Filmmaker. Sustainability Evangelist. Speaker. Show Host. Trekker.'
Founder of AWorld4Change.com

I'm changing the world, care to join? - - - - - Current project: aw4c.com/atrek4change

I just finished riding a bicycle (self supported) from Alabama to San Francisco, CA in an effort to change the way we think and collaborate about the topic of sustainability. The trip was filmed, and solar energy was used to power the production.

I'm passionate about leaving the world better than we found it, and live my life as an example for others. I'm currently downsizing (rightsizing) my life, and on a quest to use a bicycle for most of my transportation (even though I live 10 miles from town).

This channel is a way for me to publicly disseminate information I'm learning. My goal is to shift individual thinking, so we can have a sustainable human race.

Will you join me?