Fertilize your Organic Garden for Free with Banana Peels

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Fertilize your Organic Garden for Free with Banana Peels Added by Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable Published on Feb 05, 2016

Bananas as a food source and resource
Elemental Makeup of Banana Peels – Fertilizer potential
Application Techniques of Banana Peels in the Garden
Mulch Method, Vermicompost and Compost Methods
Will Banana Peels Change the pH of my soil?

Bananas are produced in tropical climates and the fruit we eat are a part of the berry family.  Bananas are an important food source in many developing nations however after the flesh is eaten the peal is often tossed in the garbage.

This is important as bananas are a significant source of food worldwide only behind Rice, Corn and Milk for total volume consumed by humans. That means in large parts of the world banana peels could very well prove a valuable resource to return nutrients to soil that increase local food production.

There are plenty of claims made about banana peels and their use as a fertilizer containing high concentrations of potassium a nutrient plants use in very high concentrations. 

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