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Organic Gardening: Planting A Fruit Tree | Growing Fruit Added by Growing with The Horticultural Channel ( Published on Oct 25, 2015

This week Sean has planted a new cherry tree on the allotment.

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Shot on Canon Powershot G7 X


FAQs - for those of you bright enough to read the description before commenting with the same questions ... :)

- Where is your garden? - London, 20 minutes from the city

- What does Rusty the Allotment Cat come from? - We aren't 100% sure but we believe he comes from a nearby house 🐱

- When did you start gardening? - When I was 12 years old

- What is your full-time job? - YouTube/Freelance Television Production and Online Digital

- How do you make money from YouTube? - By you being so kind enough to watch the adverts in the videos

- What editing program do you use? - Final Cut Pro X on Mac

- Did you go to university? - Yes, Salford (next to Manchester)

- Ultimate ambition? - To present a gardening TV series and to inspire others to start growing their own food

- Have you thought about writing a book? - I have already written two book, find them on Amazon

- How long do your videos take to edit? - Depending on the length of the video but anything from an hour to a day


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