Back To Eden Garden Tour: Organic Gardening Early Spring

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Back To Eden Garden Tour: Organic Gardening Early Spring Added by Starry Hilder Published on May 29, 2016

Its early spring here in the panhandle and that means getting the garden ready.
But for our off grid homestead we dont get out the tiller, we dont get out the fertilizer or set up the drip system. NOOOO WE do nothing but put the seeds and plants in the soil and.....WAIT!

This is the beauty of the Back To Eden Method. While other methods of gardening requires getting garden beds ready, finding different types of cover, and alot of figuring out what you need to have to create the right balance......BTE woodchips provides the perfect ratio which, as you will see from our homesteads organic garden, needs VERY little work.
This spring tour we are we simply getting everyone up to par on whats happening in the garden. Give it a month and we will show you as other garden are just getting going, we will be ahead of the curve.....with produce flourishing and more plants g rowing!!

Watch....see...learn..then come back for more BTE vids and updates to SEE the proof!