Jora 70: Hot Compost Tumbler Review -After 2 Years in My Urban Garden

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Jora 70: Hot Compost Tumbler Review -After 2 Years in My Urban Garden Added by AlboPepper - Drought Proof Urban Gardening Published on May 30, 2016

After nearly 2 years of using my Joraform JK 270 (Jora 70) tumbling composter, I am now able to share how it has performed over time. Are compost tumblers worth the money? How durable is this tumbler? Should you buy this compost system?

There are many methods for approaching composting. To create a hot compost, the more conventional method is to build a large pile of organic matter (3 ft x 3 ft). To accelerate the composting reaction, you can occasionally turn the pile over. A well balanced pile can get very hot, effectively killing pathogens and weedy materials. The drawback of this technique is that it can be labor intensive. Turning a large pile can become tedious, a process that some people prefer to avoid. Also, you need more space on your lot and a larger volume of waste materials.

Vermi-composting is an excellent alternative that offers its own set of advantages and drawbacks. A worm bin could be set up just about anywhere, even in an apartment! Using red worms can be very cost effective as well. But processing larger volumes of waste can become a challenge, especially woody materials. Also, some gardeners are turned off by the large number of seeds that survive the process.

Using a tumbling composter fills a vital niche in the world of sustainable organic composting. A spinning tumbler requires less space on the ground. It does not need as much organic material to effectively reach high temperatures, especially the insulated ones like the Jora 70. It can be turned every single day with little effort.

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In my small urban lot, this system allows me to compost indoors, processing waste that would not work well in my red worms pile. I put my shredded woody materials, my weeds, seeds & diseased cuttings into this thing. I add enough greens to get up to 135 to 160 degrees F. And then I let the hot composting begin! Meanwhile, the worms in my worm box work great at chewing through soft vegetable scraps, cardboard and Autumn leaves.

I highly recommend the Joraform tumbler to anyone whose circumstances merit it. Such tumblers excel in urban settings where space is limited. Rodents are kept out. This tumbler can even be locked, making it viable in the worst of neighborhoods. But the Jora 70 is not cheap. You need to have a modest budget. Otherwise, I advise spending your limited cash on other things for your gardening.

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