Enjoying My Organic Garden And Helping Friends

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Enjoying My Organic Garden And Helping Friends Added by The Do It Yourself World Published on Jul 01, 2014

Monday was a very hot day while I worked on cleaning up the camper demolition site. I enjoyed some fresh organic food from my own garden though. Later in the day my work was interrupted by some friends stopping by for the last time ever.

I dropped off my truck to the mechanics to be inspected and repaired, if needed. They will hopefully have it back to me in a couple days.

While working on my demolition site, cleaning up all the mess we left behind when gutting out the old camper to prepare for a tiny house, my friends called. They are leaving the country for good. They asked me to take care of selling their vehicle for them and left it here with me.

I helped them organize some last minute adjustments to their baggage and get their gear together for the final trip to the airport.

It was late in the afternoon when they left so I went inside for lunch and some computer work.

My lunch was actually partially eaten outside right at the lettuce box. I ate leaves of lettuce right off the plants. I also had some nice wild strawberries and fresh organic blueberries from my own blueberry bush. It sure was good, especially knowing it was all organic.

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