How to Garden with A Toddler!

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How to Garden with A Toddler! Added by MommyDoodies Published on Jun 24, 2016

It's finally summer! Whoop whoop and that means we get to do fun activities outdoors with our toddler(s). I thought gardening would be a great way to get Christopher outside and explore nature. Gardening has some great benefits like learning responsibility (taking care of their plants), understanding cause and effect, creativity, and so much more! Hope you do this with your toddler(s). I'm sure they'll enjoy it.

P.s. Sorry about the wind. I really wanted to do this outside but the sound wasn't too great. I'll make sure to fix that in future videos. Also expect mess when gardening lol if you plan to plant your seeds indoors, I recommend using newspaper to prevent water going everywhere and use gloves as well.