2016 July 4th Albopepper Urban Garden Update

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2016 July 4th Albopepper Urban Garden Update Added by AlboPepper - Drought Proof Urban Gardening Published on Jul 06, 2016

It's early Summer in my small space urban garden. My vegetables are really taking off! I continue to experiment with optimal lighting, plant spacing and organic fertilizing. Training my vining plants to grow on a variety of trellis systems has been a crucial technique for increasing plant density.

Compared to previous seasons, my beans are lagging behind in their development. They took a serious hit from pill bugs that would feed on the young tender leaves as they were barely emerging from the ground. I had to plant a 2nd planting of seeds. Additionally, I even started some beans in seedling trays to give them a fighting chance. I had the same issue with some corn that I had started in my cold frame. Things are coming along, but not as quickly as I'd hoped.

On the other had, this might be my best year ever for watermelons! I'm trying 3 varieties to see how each performs. They are really taking over. I've trained them up a small trellis, but I clearly need a larger one for next season. Lots of watermelon fruits are setting and the plants look very healthy. I'm optimistic. :D

This is the year of the squash for me. Last growing season was my 1st time trying a squash (hybrid half-size spaghetti squash). I had avoided squash, because of the space requirements. But the bounty is too irresistible! Here are some tips: Limit the quantity of plants. Select varieties that are dwarfs or that have a bushing form. Use a trellis to control spread and optimize density in small gardens. Also, diligent training is crucial. Check on the plants every day and gently redirect them as needed.

There are some plants that I prefer to grow in conventional raised beds. But many other veggies are thriving in the more elaborate self-watering beds and containers. With good light, nutrients and water you'll be amazed how abundant your vegetable growth can be!

These are the annual vegetables I'm growing this year:

- Kale
- Garlic
- Onions
- Peas (already harvested)
- Green Beans (runner beans + pole beans)
- Carrots
- Canary Melon
- Corn
- Potatoes

- Sweet Peppers
- Watermelon
- Carrots
- Lettuce
- Mustard
- Arugula
- Corn
- Purple Broccoli
- Kuri Squash
- Acorn Squash
- Spaghetti Squash
- Tomato
- Zucchini
- Bok Choy (Toy Choy)

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