Urban gardens -- a space to cultivate habits and relations | Alberto Peralta | TEDxMadridSalon

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Urban gardens -- a space to cultivate habits and relations | Alberto Peralta | TEDxMadridSalon Added by TEDx Talks Published on Jul 28, 2014

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. The Madrid Network of Urban Gardens involves a community of 1000 people and 40 gardens. These common people not only rescue abbandoned and useless spaces, and grow fruit and vegetables, but also create more intense community relations, good habits, continuous learning and a much better city. The Habitat Committee of the UN recognized the Madrid network of Urban Gardens as Best Practices in Cities 2012. This talk has been recorded at the first TEDx event held in the open air, by night, by and for the community, with zero budget, in the public square: the Campo de Cebada in Madrid. In order not to disturb the neighbors, the audience practices the "deaf applause", and this is the reason for all those moving hands!

Alberto has devoted his life to environment and sustainability, as an activist, a private consultant and working for the local government. Since 2010 he belongs to the association "Esta es una plaza" (This is a square), a pioneer initiative which obtained from the local givernment the concession of a public space so that the Lavapies community could create and manage a community garden. In 2013 with other partners he has created a new initiative which promotes the participation of kids in the design of the city and the use of urban agriculture to help the most neglected communities.

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