2015 Mid-July Albopepper Urban Garden Walk-through

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2015 Mid-July Albopepper Urban Garden Walk-through Added by AlboPepper - Drought Proof Urban Gardening Published on Jul 19, 2015

Since we didn't get much Spring weather in May, I guess it decided to make an appearance in June instead! June was full of cloudy days and rain. Plus some rain and MORE rain! In total, we received 10.4" of rainfall. That's 3 times what we usually get on average. When will the erratic weather stop!?.

Despite all of this, my 3rd Garden update for the 2015 growing season is shows some excellent plant growth. I've been harvesting tomatoes for weeks, although it looks like I'm fighting mites. I managed to get a good harvest of garlic, without it rotting on me. The herb and flower perennials already need deadheading. CORN! Check out my SIP container corn. Oh! And the peppers, watermelons & ground cherries have exploded in my SIP self-watering bed! xD

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