Grow Organic Vegetables Not Lawns! My Raised Bed Garden

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Grow Organic Vegetables Not Lawns! My Raised Bed Garden Added by Andrew K Fletcher Published on Jun 05, 2014

How to use long lasting concrete gravel boards and posts to convert a small garden lawn from being a dog's toilet into a magnificent highly productive organic vegetable garden.
The video shows how my son and I designed a raised bed garden using concrete gravel boards (Used in slotted fences) and concrete posts cut down to form the corners using a diamond blade on a 9 inch angle grinder. These can be hired inexpensively from most hire shops. Shown also is some of our organic produce.
If you are fed up with paying high prices for inferior vegetables, then this video should help you decide not only your future meals but also your future health because you will have removed harmful pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers from your diet.
The incredible taste and quality of freshly picked organic, right from the ground to your dinner will astound you! You won't have to drive to the supermarket either which will also reduce your costs further. It really was a no-brainer for us to grow our own and opt out of Monsanto and their insatiable bottom line greed. So round up all your chemical arsenals and hand them in to your recycle centre for yet another saving. Organic diets have long been praised for their ability to ward off illnesses and support our health. Many people suffering from a range of modern illnesses readily convert to a raw organic vegetable diet and many have reported incredible results. The Mediterranean diet for example has long been hailed as the reason that people in these regions outlive people from other regions and countries. Their diet is supported by raw salads and oily fish. We could all learn a little from their example.