Backyard Honey Bees the Importance to Urban Living in the Alberta Urban Garden

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Backyard Honey Bees the Importance to Urban Living in the Alberta Urban Garden Added by Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable Published on Jan 04, 2015

On todays episode we are going to talk about the importance of Honey bees and how they can improve our Urban landscapes.

Plants require pollen from one flower to another in order to fertilize and produce a fruiting body. With out these pollinators production drops significantly. According to a 2011 United nations report on bees of the 100 crop species that provide 90% of the worlds food 70 are pollinated by bees.

There are over 20 000 known species of bees in the world and generally fall into categories of species based on their physiology, life cycle and habits. There are Bumblebees, Stingless bees, Honey bees and African Honey Bees.

Honey bees are commonly used for agricultural pollination and are critical for the success of whole crops such as almonds, apples, grapes and strawberries to name a few. Often in the country you will find hives tucked against fields. It was reported by the United Nations that Honey Bees account for approximately 200 billion dollars worth of crops world wide in 2005.

In the first few years gardening in my yard my production was low. This was likely due to the low concentrations of pollinators. In my garden I was thrilled last year to find mason bees. Mason bees are solitary bees and generally only produce what they and their brood need to survive. Anecdotally I noticed an increase in production from my garden after their arrival.

That said I would like to bring some Honey bees onto my property.


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