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Organic Lifestyle Today Added by Laurel Sobol Published on Jul 08, 2015

Restore human rights :) Organic Lifestyle Today magazine


Organic Lifestyle Today Autumn Edition by Laurel Marie Sobol
The videos in this film are as follows:
Clothing Care:
Restore human rights :) Organic Lifestyle Today magazine
Life is beautiful and wonderful, it has it's ups and downs, but ethics and morals should be a part of every day life globally. Pure foods made straight from God, through seeds without toxin poison GMO's Glyphosate and any other additives not good to eat. This video is for people globally to gain a better understand of what organic lifestyle is, how they can live it, and how to restore human rights, healthy earth, healthy inhabitants forevermore as well. Soli Deo Gloria.
This magazine covers pure water, how to use filtered water for clean water to take out fluoride, bath in clear water and wash clothing and other laundry in non fluoride water and non gmo detergents. Using non gmo soaps in bathing, and non gmo cosmetics and non gmo hair products and colors. Freeing ourselves from toxins one step at a time, a global effort, one that won't end.
Genocide of the 5th civilization is in progress, and this video explains how and why for people to better comprehend what they are dealing with and how they can thrive against all odds.
People do have rights, but rights don't come free, they have to be struggled for, sometimes, evil few can't get away with another lost civilization because we have had enough. It's time for life, love, and the pursuit of happiness and freedom globally. In God we trust :)
These are the culprits:
Banksters elite corporates
HAARP 100's stations globally
Space Fences grids sea beds and nations globally
Laser and outer space earth plasma grids manmade with above mechanisms
Cell Towers
GMO Glyphosate
Palmitate and the hundreds of names it is disguised as in foods, health and beauty aids and products, and medicines, vaccines, gasoline, chemtrails and so much more
Ban Nuclear Power it's radiation, waste and byproudcts used in most of the above applications as in chemtrails, ethanol, GMO, for warfare, steering storms, making earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, spreading disease, and using drones and chemtrails, lasers, and HAARP, space fences and cell towers to wreck havoc on all of God's creation. Let's not forget drought, and volcano participation and instigating eruptions, food codex mandating GMO Glyphosate for population depopulation...Indeed it is time for some good ethical people and things to arise out of the ashes of the phoenix rising :)

Why insurance companies and people put up with it is beyond thinking, because with every disaster insurance goes up, and the CEO's are getting rich by keeping their mouths shut about DHS, NSA, CIA, military factions corrupt and complicit in global genocide. Animals like whales and dolphins, seals and others are in the line of fire and tested on, eliminated in laser, HAARP, space fence and other military practices that burn the brains and bodies of these animals and fry them inside out, bleeding out of their brains, ears, and mouths and horrific deaths. Sea animals and fish dying off from nuclear power radiation accidents and the waste and byproudcts leaked or installed in the sea, air, and land intentionally or otherwise. No nuclear power is safe or good, and the concept of having mini ones in every home are for idiots only.

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